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Chasin' Score with Chasin Tail

Chasin Tail Rescue welcomes you to our fundraiser! This is how it works. There are 10 rows across and 10 colums down. Cutoff for picking blocks will be 4 pm Gameday. We will generate the score columns using a random number generator 0-9. The last digit of of the NFC team score that quarter and the last digit of the AFC team score is used to find the winning block and the person who donated for that block is the Winner for that quarter!

Winners of quarter 1,2,3 get $75

4th quarter $150

One block costs only $10 to play! And all proceeds will go direct to the medical care and foster expenses of the wonderful furbabies in our Chasin Tail Family!

Please remember to put the  blocks you want to play at checkout

Include the name you would like to appear in the block.

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Showing last column

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